When God Speaks to My Wife

Every morning, my wife Marie and I wake up at about 5:45am, grab some coffee, and go sit in our usual spots on our couch for morning devotions. We first read a devotion together (right now we’re reading Gospel: The 90-Day Devotional by Pastor J.D. Greear) then we spend a few minutes praying together. After that, we each spend time reading Scripture and praying individually until it’s time to get ready for the day. This has been our morning routine now for about the past five to six years.

I love how God speaks to me through his Word during our quiet times. But I’ve also noticed lately how much I love when he speaks to Marie each morning on our couch too. As she reads, I love catching a glimpse of her highlighting something in her Bible. Each time I see her highlight something fills my heart because I realize God is talking to my wife.

If you think about it, highlighting Scripture is an incredibly simple, yet profound act. It’s simple in that it can take but a moment to highlight a verse. But it’s profound because each highlight means God – her eternal Creator – just said something to her that specifically moved her to pause and highlight it. It’s a simple act that buries God’s Word one level deeper into her memory and her heart. It’s simple but profound.

I didn’t start following Jesus until about five years into our marriage. We both acknowledge that those earlier years of our marriage were marked by me leading her away from Christ in many ways. So to now sit next to her on the couch each morning and get those glimpses of God speaking to her while he’s also speaking to me are pure joy.

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