Stepping into Small Moments

We often say to people making big decisions at big moments in life that they’re taking a “step of faith.” Whether it’s taking a new job, starting a new ministry, or moving to a new city, we easily recognize and rightly celebrate big steps of faith like these. 

But we don’t usually use that same language for small, everyday moments in our lives, though I think we should. Steps of faith aren’t only reserved for big, life-defining moments. Our faith is walked out or ignored just as much in the small, everyday moments of life as in the big moments.

When I say “small” moments, I don’t mean insignificant. Our everyday, ordinary moments are tremendously significant. I say “small” because these moments happen everyday, even every hour. They’re the kind of moments that we often won’t right about in our journals, or mention to friends, or maybe even remember two days from now. But in these small moments the rubber of our faith meets the road of reality.

The teenager who for the love of Jesus shows love to his parents by obeying when asked to clean his room is taking a step of faith.

That stay-at-home mom who for the love of Jesus displays patience instead of frustration when her child dumps out the box of toys she had just finished picking up is taking a step of faith.

The husband who for the love of Jesus is gentle with his wife during an argument when his emotions are telling him to be harsh is taking a step of faith.

The driver who for the love of Jesus shows kindness by keeping all of his fingers on the wheel instead of yelling and waving one of those fingers at the car that didn’t use their blinker is taking a step of faith.

The man who for the love of Jesus displays self-control by turning off his phone instead of watching that tempting video is taking a step of faith.

Cleaning a room. Patience with a child. Gentleness in an argument. Kindness behind the wheel. A temptation defeated.

All small moments, yet all steps of faith. Each of these people, by taking these steps day after day demonstrate through their obedience that following Christ is better.

Will we always take a step of faith in these small moments? No. I know I often miss these everyday opportunities for faith. That’s why it’s so helpful and hopeful to know that we serve the “God of all grace.” (1 Peter 5:10) We can know that when we confess that we blew it in that small moment, God will forgive us. He’ll also give us grace to take that next step of faith when that next moment comes.

So keep your eyes open. Another small opportunity for a step of faith is coming soon.

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