It Is Written

I like to write things down. I like the assurance of knowing things are captured in writing so I won’t forget. I have lots of sticky notes on my desk. I regularly write emails to myself to remind myself of things I need to do. I typically make weekly to-do lists. And I’m also useless in a grocery store without a list.  

I know I inherited this love for having things written down from my mom. During summer breaks from school while my brothers and I were home all day, Mom would write daily chore lists for us. Because of the list, it was clear what was expected of us. We understood that each list was like a little contract that said if we want peace, then we will get these things done by the prescribed deadline.

This is why I love the statement “it is written” used frequently throughout Scripture. It amazes me to think that God’s Word is written. Divinely inspired through human authors, but still written. The Spirit moved the authors of Scripture to write about Him. He reveals Himself to us through what is written. He uses what is written in Scripture to teach, reprove, correct, and train us.

We don’t have to fear that God is silent because He has already spoken and still speaks to us through his written word.

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