And It Was So

“And God said … And it was so.”

Genesis 1

The pattern of the creation account in Genesis 1 is fairly familiar to us. On each of six days, God speaks a part of creation into existence and then proclaims it good.

But I was struck by another piece of this pattern this week as I started a new study of Genesis with a guy I meet with. At the six different times in the chapter after we are told “And God said,” we are also told, “And it was so.” In other words, we are reminded that what God said should come into existence, actually came into existence.

This is a great reminder that what God speaks, happens. It’s a clear demonstration of God’s faithfulness from the very beginning. It lays a foundation for us that God’s Word is true and is to be trusted. It’s not only true in the sense that it isn’t false, but true in the sense that it is purposeful, effective, and good. What He says will happen, will happen.

This pattern also makes it clear why the serpent’s first and main attack was against the trustworthiness of God’s Word. “Did God actually say?” “You will not surely die [as God had said.]” Getting us to doubt God’s word is the enemy’s most effective way to bring chaos, pain, anxiety, fear, stress, temptation, and sin into our lives. 

So trust what God says is and will be so.

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